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The club strives to represent students who have interest in the game of Mahjong at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus; to spread appreciation for this ancient game to the modern world. We wish to advocate an inclusive and positive learning environment regardless of skill level or experience. We highly encourage our members to actively participate in an environment relevant to the rich history and traditions of Mahjong.

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Too busy but still want to play mahjong? Contact us to learn more about renting a mahjong set.

Our Team

Tristan Choa


Andrew Cheung

Co-Vice President

Angus Chu

Co-Vice President

Ivy Ren

Chinese Officer

Heidi Wang

External and Internal Relations Officer

Kevin Son


Natalie Chu


Ryan Chan

Mahjong Ambassador

Paulina Chan

Ethics Officer

Hogan Lam

Games Officer

Tim Siao

Events Officer

Mahjong Bar

Tucked behind an unsuspecting pink bodega there lies the Mahjong Bar. With 2,000 square feet of space, the bar is a great outlet to drink and dine your night away. Mahjong Bar's menu consist of Chinese small plates to complement the Chinese mid-century decor.

Mahjong Bar is our Grand Sponsor and do check them out!

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Mahjong Bar


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The Beginner's Guide to the Greatest Pastimes: Mahjong

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UBCMJC and UTMAS Reciprocal Club Membership

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